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Digital News Editor and reporter at WOSU. Work seen on NPR, Columbia Journalism Review, Consequence of Sound, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalist, music geek, pun aficionado.

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The Content Strategist

Redskins Facts: A Content Strategy Gone Horribly Wrong

When the Washington Redskins kicked off their first season under their new name in 1933, four players, along with head coach William Henry “Lone Star” Dietz, proudly called themselves Native Americans. At least, that’s what would have you believe.

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The Content Strategist

Medium’s Engaging Plan for Branded Content: Sell Time, Not Pageviews

Re:form is a “field guide to the designed world,” a publication within a publication. But this particular field guide has a corporate benefactor: BMW. Edited by Sarah C. Rich, Re:form is the first of Medium’s ventures into the world of branded content—and, for that matter, into the world of making money.

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The Content Strategist

Xbox Dives Into Original Content With a ‘Bastion of Bro-Fueled Debauchery’

When three roommates try to build a “bastion of bro-fueled debauchery” in a house on top of a magical portal to another world (yes, you heard right), is it a recipe for disaster? Hilarity? Branded content bliss? Xbox Entertainment Studies thinks it might just be comedy gold.

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The Content Strategist

Study: 91 Percent of Women Feel Misunderstood by Advertisers

According to research compiled by The Terri & Sandy Solution, women are responsible for 85 percent of all consumer purchases, which arms them with roughly 7 trillion dollars of buying power. At the same time, however, 91 percent of women say that advertisers “don’t understand them.”

The Content Strategist

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The Content Strategist

'This.' Is Like Ello, but Actually Useful — The Content Strategist

This. only lets you post one story a day, and in the process, it's teaching us something significant about quality storytelling....

The Content Strategist

Millennials Unimpressed by Content Marketing, Yet Willing to Be Won Over — The Content Strategist

Millennials aren’t impressed, by and large, with the content that brands are lobbing their way. Forty-five percent of respondents reported that they don’t usually find content marketing compelling enough to share. The good news is they're ready to be won over....

The Content Strategist

Study: 91 Percent of Women Feel Misunderstood by Advertisers — The Content Strategist

When it comes to household spending, women are in charge of 73 percent of the money. Why aren’t the people making purchases being targeted by advertisers and marketers?...

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The Content Strategist

CPG Content Marketing

Content marketing news, analysis, and tips for CPG companies....

The Content Strategist

'Brand Newsrooms' Stretched for Resources — The Content Strategist

Somewhere behind those ninja turtle-dressed humans and crazy Vines, there's human mind—or, more likely, multiple human minds—devising and executing a brand's content strategy. And inside those "brand newsrooms," they're feeling stretched thin....

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The Content Strategist

Why Did Doritos End Its Successful Super Bowl Campaign? — The Content Strategist

User-generated content works ... until it doesn't....

The Content Strategist

A Conversation With the Man Behind Overheard in the Newsroom — The Content Strategist

One of the benefits of building a newsroom is the jokes that come with it; we journalists are trained in the art of wit, dark humor, and self-deprecation. It’s actually a job requirement. Which is why Overheard in the Newsroom hits such a funny nerve: The now 5-year-old website, run...

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The Content Strategist

The Best Branded Content of July — The Content Strategist

Upstart brand publishers may be just noticing something the rest of the media world has known for a long time: Audiences tend to dwindle in July and August as vacation season sets in. In July, a few brands decided to drum up some attention by significantly doubling down....

The Content Strategist

Redskins Facts: A Content Strategy Gone Horribly Wrong — The Content Strategist

"Redskins Facts" contains anything but—and stands as one of the most disappointing content strategies in recent memory....

The Content Strategist

Meet the Prep School With a Killer Pinterest Strategy — The Content Strategist

Celebrities? Definitely. Companies? Absolutely. Universities? Sure. But a private PK-12 school is not the sort of brand you'd expect to see running a largely successful content marketing and social media strategy that spans Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and an active blog....