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Digital News Editor and reporter at WOSU. Work seen on NPR, Columbia Journalism Review, Consequence of Sound, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalist, music geek, pun aficionado.

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Why Did Franklin County Reject So Many Voter Registrations?

In Franklin County, data provided by a new ProPublica tool showed that officials here rejected voter registrations in 2012 at a rate almost three times the state average.

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National Public Radio

When Your Dream House Is A Dollhouse, No Space Is Too Small

When Bridget Sue Lambert was 5 years old, her grandfather built her a dollhouse. It's a simple wooden structure, white with yellow shutters, a few handmade chairs and dressers scattered through its sparse rooms.

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National Public Radio

At The Portrait Gallery, Students Tell The Stories That Pictures Can't

Seven teenagers stand in the courtyard of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, dressed in costumes and surrounded by onlookers. Some of the characters they play are immediately recognizable — Malcolm X, Albert Einstein — and others don't register until they announce their names.

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National Public Radio

A Chemist Accidentally Creates A New Blue. Then What?

Mas Subramanian wasn't expecting blue. As it turns out, he stumbled upon an undiscovered pigment — the first new blue in over 200 years

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National Public Radio

Bomb Robots: What Makes Killing In Dallas Different And What Happens Next?

After a prolonged exchange of gunfire and a five-hour-long standoff, police made what experts say was an unprecedented decision: to send in a police robot, jury-rigged with a bomb.

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National Public Radio

To Be The Very Best: Pokémon Go Enters Into Augmented Reality

Halfway through your walk to school, a wild Charmander appears. Just a few throws of a Pokéball, and it could be yours. Will you stop to catch it? Nintendo is betting you will.

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Mapping hunger: Where are Pittsburgh's food deserts?

A Post-Gazette interactive investigation on food insecurity in and around the city. I contributed sections on Beechview and Garfield.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Lead exposure remains risk for children in Allegheny County

There is still lead in Prashant Poudel, but not as much as there once was. He was poisoned by his apartment. Prashant’s parents are Bhutanese refugees, but Prashant was born here, into a home in Carrick ignored by a delinquent landlord.

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National Public Radio

Pokémon Go Is Catching Us All — In Unexpected Ways

Will Pokémon Go's popularity last? So far, the news cycle has been enamored with Pokémon-related stories, several of which have stirred up controversy.

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National Public Radio

As Pokémon Go Evolves, Businesses Are Squeezing Themselves In

It's only been out a week, but Pokémon Go is making more money than a Meowth using Pay Day.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Housing authorities effective in avoiding, addressing lead poisoning

In Allegheny County, residents of public housing are far less likely than private residents to suffer from lead poisoning, and have greater resources available to clear such hazards if found.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mitsubishi apologizes to WWII prisoners, promises $50,000 to museum

WELLSBURG, W.Va. — Pvt. Earl E. Loughner of the 803rd Engineer Aviation Battalion survived the Bataan Death March and three years as a prisoner of war, forced into labor on docks of Kobe, Japan.

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National Public Radio

One Professor's Quest To Collect Every Video Game Soda Machine

It's a hot day in the nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland, and you've spent all afternoon fighting off mutated zombie creatures. What you probably need right now is a nice, cold soda.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ancient Greeks were wary of zombies, Pitt archaeologist finds

Sometime between 500 B.C. and 200 B.C., residents of the Greek colony of Kamarina in Sicily dug two graves for two bodies. They pinned down each body with large rocks or pottery; if the bodies awoke from the dead, they could not escape.

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The Wayfaring Journalist

Reporting that embraces a model of wayfaring, considering the act of traveling as not separate from but intrinsically bound with the act of journalism, disrupts conventional journalistic power dynamics, and can lead to more empathetic and nuanced coverage.