Gabe Rosenberg

Gabe Rosenberg


Digital News Editor and reporter at WOSU. Work seen on NPR, Columbia Journalism Review, Consequence of Sound, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalist, music geek, pun aficionado.

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The Wayfaring Journalist

Reporting that embraces a model of wayfaring, considering the act of traveling as not separate from but intrinsically bound with the act of journalism, disrupts conventional journalistic power dynamics, and can lead to more empathetic and nuanced coverage.

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College Campuses Deserve Better Coverage

Investigating breaking news on a university campus is no different than investigating any other tight-knit community — unless you refuse to see college students as a multifaceted community with diversity of belief and behavior.

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The 25 Best Albums Of 2013

Tweet length and bite-sized; enjoy reviews of our favorite albums from 2013....


GDocs, the Dancing Bear – Medium

I’ve told this story a few times the last couple of days, so figured I should write it down....


The Secret Policeman’s Toy Shop – Sky News – Medium

The UK Home Office’s Security and Policing Exhibition is a trove of Orwellian goodies...


About Latterly

Read more about Latterly. Our mission is to humanize “the other” through storytelling that bridges gulfs of distance and culture....

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Gabe Nicholas – Medium

Read writing from Gabe Nicholas on Medium. Computer Whisperer * Avid Bathroom Reader. Every day, Gabe Nicholas and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium....


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