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Digital News Editor and reporter at WOSU. Work seen on NPR, Columbia Journalism Review, Consequence of Sound, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalist, music geek, pun aficionado.

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Wesdivest facebook 1 304x202 article
The Wesleyan Argus

Coalition for Divestment and Transparency Occupies South College

At 10:45 p.m., over 10 hours after entering the office of University President Michael Roth, the nine remaining members of the Coalition for Divestment and Transparency left for the night.

Dsc0019 304x202 article
The Wesleyan Argus

Multiple Students Hospitalized for Alleged Molly/MDMA Overdose

A total of 10 University students and 2 visitors were hospitalized on Sunday, Feb. 22, for drug overdoses believed to be caused by Molly/MDMA, according to a series of all-campus emails from President Michael Roth and Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Whaley.

Superior court 304x201 article
The Wesleyan Argus

Four Students Arrested, Suspended Following Police Investigation

Four University students were arrested on Tuesday, Feb. 24. following a series of hospitalizations last weekend arising from drug-related complications, Middletown Police Chief William McKenna announced in a press conference on Tuesday night.

Gabe gordon poster crop article
The Wesleyan Argus

Professor Threatened, Residents Resist as Open House Pushed Into Media Spotlight

In all of the 10 years it’s existed online, the 15-letter acronym hadn’t raised so much as an eyebrow outside of the University. By the end of February, however, a lawsuit went public that turned “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” into an online controversy that surprised, more than anyone, the community that invented it.

Img 0866 304x228 article
The Wesleyan Argus

University Issues $10000 Donation to the City of Middletown

University President Michael Roth issued a donation of $10,000 to the City of Middletown, according to a letter from Roth sent to Mayor Daniel Drew on Friday morning.

Dke 03 emmadavis 304x228 article
The Wesleyan Argus

DKE v. Wesleyan, Explained

Documents from the case, “Kent Literary Club et. al v. Wesleyan University et. al.,” are available online, and both parties finished their arguments and submitted evidence last week. The Argus looked through both parties’ documents to summarize their arguments in anticipation of the final decision.

Dsc 0043 article
The Wesleyan Argus

Ceasefire: Neuroscience Labs Collaborate on Stem Cell Cure for Epilepsy

After the brain is removed from a mouse, it can remain alive for up to 10 hours. In a neurobiology and behavior lab in Hall-Atwater, it’s an eventful 10 hours.

Icpp 2 304x164 article
The Wesleyan Argus

Bodies as Art: ICPP Trains Next Generation of Performance Curators

Xaviera Simmons sits on a stage, fully dressed. She places a pair of scissors on the ground and invites the audience to come up, cut off pieces of her clothing, and take them.

Catlin writingatwesleyan ariellevy 2 304x207 article
The Wesleyan Argus

New Yorker Writer Ariel Levy ’96 Goes the Distance

Playing with language and talking to people in wheat fields in South Africa: these are a few of Ariel Levy’s favorite things. “I’m dead serious,” Levy, an alumna of the class of 1996 said. “I like talking to people in the middle of nowhere who I would never meet if this weren’t my job. I think it’s like a superpower; I think it’s the coolest thing.”

Open uri20140417 26403 ulfetg article
The Wesleyan Argus

Community Group Branches Out With Middletown Garden Initiatives

Behind Macdonough Elementary School in Middletown, a garden grows: leafy greens, bell peppers, tatsoi, sunflowers, and strawberries fill the space.

Open uri20140417 28595 1ktt2ky article
The Wesleyan Argus

Campus Architecture Retains Legacy of Henry Bacon

Walking around the University’s campus, students rarely see a cohesive group of buildings. They instead see a hodgepodge of materials and designs, an accumulation of houses, halls, and dormitories that, since Wesleyan’s founding in 1831, have slowly been added to the University’s campus.

Open uri20140417 26403 hme1w4 article
The Wesleyan Argus

How I Met My Major

Kids, this is the story of how I met my major.

Open uri20161105 29880 1jog5g article
The Wesleyan Argus

Argus Speaker Series

Wesleyan University's twice-weekly student newspaper since 1868....

The Wesleyan Argus

WSA Passes Resolution Overhauling Campus Publications

Wesleyan University's twice-weekly student newspaper since 1868....

The Wesleyan Argus

WesFlix Fosters Community, Creativity with Student-Produced Short Films

Wesleyan University's twice-weekly student newspaper since 1868....