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Gabe Rosenberg


Digital News Editor and reporter at WOSU. Work seen on NPR, Columbia Journalism Review, Consequence of Sound, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalist, music geek, pun aficionado.

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Minorityemploymentnews article
The Freelancer

Journalism Has a Diversity Problem. How Can We Fix It?

Rather than being behind the times, it’s clear a lot of media companies are completely of the times when it comes to lacking diversity. Thankfully, diversity is becoming a huge topic in the media once again, placing the pressure on companies to be transparent and active in their hiring practices.

Billy corgan article
The Freelancer

Pitching Into the Void: Music Writers Share their Secrets to Success

In the center of a Highland Park tea shop, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan stood by a group of synthesizers plugged into two low-quality speakers. Corgan played along to an audio recording of the novel Siddhartha. The performance, which took place this February, lasted eight straight hours.

Scaleitup article
The Freelancer

‘Overheard in the Newsroom’ Creator Kevin Cobb Talks Journalism Jokes and Social Media Credibility

I gave Kevin Call, creator of 'Overheard in the Newsroom,' a call to talk about the website, his career, and why size doesn’t matter (just wait—we’ll get to that.)

Screen shot 2014 06 12 at 3.45.38 pm article
The Freelancer

Kickstarter Launches Section Dedicated to Crowdfunding Journalism

On Wednesday, Kickstarter announced the creation of a new category for journalism-related campaigns and a curation partnership with The Guardian. The move aims to provide more resources for journalists looking to innovate and investigate.

Open uri20140702 15753 82kgdz article
The Freelancer

88 Percent of Freelancers Wouldn’t Accept Full-Time Jobs and Other Takeaways from Freelancers Union Report

With over 42 million freelancers in America, it’s a wonder contract workers can agree about anything. But as a new Freelancers Union report suggests, independent workers share many of the same feelings about their career choices.

2705448708 e038f2f6f2 o article
The Freelancer

What the End of Yahoo’s Contributor Network Means for Freelancers

Yahoo announced last Wednesday that after years of decreasing popularity, the Yahoo Voices and Contributor networks will be shut down at the end of July and August, respectively.

Screen shot 2014 09 04 at 8.11.09 pm article
The Freelancer

Freelancing and Loving It: New Study Paints Rosy Picture for the Future

It seems like Freelancers Union always has good news to share, so let’s huddle back around the fire to find out.

The Freelancer

The Freelance Rates Calculator We've All Been Waiting For

Beewits' rates calculator is more than thorough enough to take your personal accounting to the next level....

The Freelancer

Filing Public Records Requests: A Quick And Dirty Guide

Filing a public records request can be intimidating. We help make it easy....

The Freelancer

My 10 Favorite Freelancer Stories of 2014 | The Freelancer, by Contently

The most interesting part about covering the gig economy is how there’s no real news cycle—our relevance comes from giving the reader that extra insight about an issue that’s probably evergreen. Here you'll find a round-up of our best articles, from the insightful to the playful. Regardless of the tone,...

The Freelancer

Rounding up the Good, the Sarcastic, and the Funny from #AdviceForYoungJournalists | The Freelancer, by Contently

Felix Salmon, senior editor at Fusion, took all of 2,000 words last Monday to tell young, aspiring writers his advice for those thinking of entering the field of journalism: Don't....

The Freelancer

The 5 Best Coffee Shops for Freelancers: Pittsburgh Edition

Our five favorite coffee shops from everyone's favorite Rust Belter....

The Freelancer

Go West, Young Freelancer: The Top 50 Cities in America for Self-Employed Workers | The Freelancer, by Contently

If there’s any one takeaway from these studies, it’s that Horace Greeley was right all along: Go West, young freelancer....